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    Lime 4:26
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    Tidal 3:16
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Originally the brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Philip Ernest, Poems started out as a Notes app side project. Driven by their passion for experimenting and exploring their limitless potential, they are discovering innovative sonic elements and melodies. From experimental guitar riffs to haunting lyricism, the band draws inspiration from various projects by other indie alternative groups, such as Hippocampus and New York City’s Interpol. Furthermore, Poems aims to share and achieve emotional freedom through the stories they tell in their songs, a trait that lovers of poetry would appreciate. Merging elements from their favorite bands as inspiration with their authentic creative sound, Poems is determined to make its imprint on the Indie Alternative industry. It’s truly exciting to see where the band ends up in the coming years.

 -Anna Jones of Artist Weekly 

Live @ Belly Up

Music Box SD